UK corporate consulting and management

The success of a company does not just depend on ideas, but rather on external influential factors. The relevant market must also be healthy, solid and dynamic and the infrastructure and the economic climate must be supportive. The United Kingdom is an extremely vibrant place, competitive and full of opportunity.

London in particular forms a highly important international hub, which is why the UK Limited Company is considered a universally valid and flexible commercial instrument. Launching a company in the UK offers many advantages:

  • Timescale of incorporation: the company can be incorporated and operating immediately in one day, without the signature of a Notary Public or lawyer.
  • Minimum taxation: Corporation tax currently stands at 20%, but by 2020 the rate will be 18%, with an intermediate step down to 19% in 2019. The tax rules of the UK jurisdiction are also considered to be among the most advantageous.
  • There is no withholding tax at source in the distribution of dividends.
  • Very low costs of incorporation and no obligation of payment on subscribed share capital.
  • London is a marketplace that rewards risk, initiative and preparation. It is therefore very important to be able to rely on local qualified and professional experts. At Tax & Advise, we offer a range of activities to optimise the management of a business. This is a very significant part of our work as it pursues multiple objectives that are key to the success of any internationalisation process. It is for this reason that we provide our clients with all the support required for efficient business management and genuine growth in an overseas market.

Services for a LTD company in the UK

As business experts, we design specialised solutions for each client, customised according to the unique nature of the business and its requirements. This will help ensure solid growth in the UK market in full compliance with the law, applicable regulations and tax legislation.

Our support goes beyond the initial consulting and incorporation of the company, extending to continual management for the duration of the relationship with the provision of the following services:

  • Company incorporation and registration
  • Registered address: we offer a physical address, a mandatory requirement for UK companies, where all correspondence from the UK authorities will be sent.
  • Bank account support: We help our clients to open a business current account.
  • VAT services: In the United Kingdom, any business can operate without the need to register for VAT below the threshold of £83,000 in turnover. The changing VAT rules, the continual regulatory amendments and the ever-more stringent requirements of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) make the support of an expert absolutely necessary to ensure that VAT is paid correctly and to avoid incurring any fines. Tax & Advise provides services covering the entire VAT process: from examination of the business activity to confirming the need for VAT, up to the point of paying it. The professional experience we offer our clients does not however finish there. We will guide you through the process of preparing and submitting quarterly VAT returns. Trading internationally may generate the need for additional VAT registrations. Tax & Advise helps its clients with all VAT-related communications where operations involve the triangulation of goods or sales and procurement of goods and services to and from other countries. Specifically, we offer support for the following:
    • EC SALES LIST – for mandatory declarations of sales of goods and services to overseas companies
    • INTRASTAT – mandatory declaration of the sale or procurement of goods in transit in the United Kingdom
    • MOSS RETURN – optional tax regime available to VAT payers who make electronic payments or telecommunication, broadcasting or electronically supplied services for European customers, which involves submitting quarterly VAT returns electronically.
  • Financial reporting and declarations: Tax & Advise provides accountancy and tax support, from ordinary account management to the preparation of financial statements and the completion of corporate tax returns. Throughout the year, Tax & Advise is available and ready to support its clients with their accounting, which is a fundamental part of business success.
  • Company Secretary: The position of Company Secretary is fundamental for the company’s management insofar as it ensures not only correct and efficient administration, but also, and specifically, compliance with the law, regulations and ethics.Tax & Advise can fulfill the role of company secretary according to the client’s particular requirements. These services include:
    • Company incorporation services – We take care of all the bureaucratic aspects of company incorporation
    • Legal services – For those not familiar with a foreign country’s legal system, compliance with UK corporate law can be challenging. Our legal services include:
      • Submission of the annual return to Companies House;
      • Preparation of the minutes of the Board of Directors or resolution of the board for approval of the financial statements;
      • Preparation of agendas, proxies and minutes of AGMs;
      • Preparation of documents and collation of additional mandatory information.
  • Registration of tax positions for hiring employees
  • CIS