In regard to the protection of assets and privacy, we provide our clients with a trust set-up service.
A trust involves the legal relationships with which a “settlor” transfers ownership of movable or immovable property to a “curator” (or “trustee”), who becomes responsible for managing the property and administering it for the “beneficiary” (owner or payee). There may be one or more beneficiaries and the same must be appointed by the settlor.

Thus, as such, a trust is a tool that allows for ample protection without violating any laws, whether national or international.

There are different types of trusts: the dynamic nature of a trust requires careful analysis of the profile of those who choose to benefit from this tool, in order to develop the best solution for their needs.

Thanks to our experience in the establishment of trusts and our tailor-made approach, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive consultancy service for the formulation of trust developed on an ad-hoc basis, and for their establishment and management.