Incorporation and management of companies in other jurisdictions

We provide our clients with complete support for establishing and managing companies in countries with huge business potential: Cyprus, India and Hong Kong. These countries offer businesses multiple advantages, but to achieve the maximum benefit, comprehensive knowledge of the target market, an analytical focus and expertise in the internationalisation process are fundamental requirements. It is these key areas that we specialise in.

Using our consolidated presence in the territory, we guide our clients through every step of the incorporation of a new company, taking care of all the financial, legal and tax aspects and the administrative and bureaucratic procedures.

Following the incorporation stage, our company management support continues for the duration of the relationship.


The third largest island in the Mediterranean, a member of the European Union since 2004, Cyprus has in recent years become a financial centre of major importance.

A UK-based regulatory system is in place in the country and the tax rate is one of the lowest in Europe. Incorporating a company in Cyprus means benefiting from being in Europe and, at the same time, belonging to a tax regime that is far lower than other countries in the EU.

For these reasons, we have strengthened our presence on the Mediterranean island, which, together with our experience, will enable us to continue to provide complete company incorporation and management support.


India is the third largest country in the world in terms of purchasing power, the seventh by geographic size and the second in terms of population (Census 2011).

Thanks to continuing economic growth, the Indian market offers a great many advantages for businesses that choose this country as an overseas investment, principally the availability of a massive qualified workforce at a highly competitive cost. At the same time, India is a fantastic base for entering the South East Asian market.

Our presence in the territory and our expertise and knowledge of Indian corporate regulations allows us to provide comprehensive incorporation and management support to companies looking to establish themselves in India.


Today, Hong Kong is one of the most reliable and efficient financial centres in the world. The strategic position in Asia, the favourable tax regime and the avant-garde legal and banking system all make Hong Kong one of the most beneficial places for establishing an overseas company.

The business and entrepreneurial dynamism of the country continues to attract the attention of investors, but an in-depth knowledge of the processes to follow and the regulations in force is a must in order to incorporate a company in Hong Kong and benefit from all the advantages of its jurisdiction.

Thanks to our presence and experience in the territory, we can provide our clients with complete support to establish and manage a company there.